Eau Claire Marathon Training Week 13

Another week (and month) of marathon training is done. It was a crazy week for weather, everything from sunny runs in shorts to cold, snowy runs again. And, of course, it's another almost fifty mile week (more on that at the end). Let's get into it!

Monday, March 26


I was feeling really good after having a massage on Sunday and cutting back on my mileage the previous week. No soreness so I decided to try out a new workout on the NTC app. Which might not have been the best idea going into a 50 mile week. I loved the workout, it was tough and got my heart rate up, but it was also a lot more strenuous than I’d been doing on my cross-training day. So we’ll see how long the soreness from this workout lasts.

Tuesday, March 27

5 miles ~ 53:27 ~ 10:40 min/mile

We are getting a couple days of spring-like weather in St. Paul this week and I am taking full advantage of it! For one, I got a mid-day walk at work because my hamstrings are so sore from Monday’s workout. I also brought out the shorts once again for my hill repeats.


I didn’t do hill repeats last week and I was a little bit afraid of how they'd feel with my sore hamstrings. But doing a little bit of foam rolling before helped a lot and the repeats felt great. I did got out way too fast in the first mile (finished it at 10:16 and that was after noticing how fast I was going earlier and slowing it down). I made sure to do a lot of foam rolling post-run to keep working out the soreness in my legs.

Wednesday, March 28

10 miles ~ 1:48:11 ~ 10:48 min/mile

One more warmer day this week, although the sun was gone by the time I went out for my run. But it gave me the chance to wear my Lake Minnetonka Half shirt (which is so comfortable but also black and I can’t wear it as much as I’d like to).


My hamstrings were still feeling sore but they are slowly feeling better. At least it means I’m challenging my body still and not just settling into a routine. My pace slowed down over the run but I did start out close to marathon pace so it’s good that I slowed down. I ended up going right around 11 minute miles by the end which felt good and helped me power up the hills.

Thursday, March 29

5 miles ~ 52:10 ~ 10:25 min/mile

I really was going to take this run nice and slow but it just felt good to run fast. My hamstrings were feeling so much better and I was done with work for the week! Yes, I have a four day weekend (which is still going to be packed between training, working on the blog and visiting family).


I really need to focus on holding back on these non-pace runs so I can make sure my body recovers between runs. Especially since I’m getting so close to the Eau Claire Marathon and I don’t want to cause an injury by going marathon fast for all my runs.

Friday, March 30


Since I had the day off of work, I wanted to head over to the gym and get in a morning yoga class. With how sore I’ve been feeling, I knew that an hour long yoga class would feel amazing. Sadly, the instructor cancelled the class at the last minute so I did a flow solo since I was warmed up from using the elliptical. Luckily, this week is another Runners Love Yoga challenge week so I had a flow in mind!

Saturday, March 31

10 miles ~ 1:48:08 ~ 10:48 min/mile

This was supposed to be a marathon paced run but Mother Nature had other ideas. We got wet snow early in the morning (it was still snowing when I got up at 5 a.m.) and it was pretty windy. Since I got out for my run at 7 a.m., the sidewalks weren’t plowed yet and it was pretty tough going.

20180331_084605 (1).jpg

I ended up going at marathon pace for the first 6 miles and then my legs were dead. It was a mental struggle to get those last two miles in and I don’t know if I would have kept on if I wasn’t two miles away from home. I’m ready for this winter to be done with.

Sunday, April 1

18 miles ~ 3:19:21 ~ 11:00 min/mile

You'll notice that I didn't do a 20 mile run like my plan called for. My left hip started cramping up right before mile 18 and I decided to cut it short. I'm 99% sure it's not an injury at this point but just soreness from running through the snow on yesterday's run (and parts of today's run). Instead of pushing it, I cut it short and spent some extra time stretching and rolling out.

20180401_114223 (1).jpg

Looking back at my splits, my hip was probably starting to bother me earlier in the run. Right around mile 12, I dropped into 11:20-11:30 minute splits but it didn't stick out to me at the time. Probably because I should be running my long run around an 11:30 minute pace and I was happy to actually be in an easy running pace for my goal marathon pace.

How did your last week of running go? Let me know in the comments!