One week into intuitive eating

Just over a week ago, I wrote up a post on what was happening with my body composition and I mentioned how I was going to transition into intuitive eating after the Eau Claire Marathon. Well, last Friday I decided to start intuitive eating. I deleted MyFitnessPal off my phone and haven’t stepped on the scale or tracked my food for a week now. And I’ve never felt better.

One Week of Intuitive Eating Pinterest.jpg

What and how  I’m eating really hasn’t changed that much. I’m still eating three meals plus a snack or two (and a post-workout smoothie or protein bar after I work out) and I’m still eating oatmeal for breakfast. But I don’t have to be as focused on my food and just eat what is sounding good rather than what I can find into my macros. And it’s made my life so much simpler. I’m not constantly thinking about what I’m going to eat or worried about how I’m going to work eating out into my macros. We went out for lunch on Monday for Mike’s birthday and I had a burger because that sounded good. No guilt, no feeling like I had to eat differently later in the day because I had more fat earlier in the day.

I’m actually finding myself leaning more towards fats than carbs which is interesting. And I’m eating that way, adding in more things like coconut flakes or cheese into my daily meals. Fat is delicious and filling without making me feel bloated like the amount of carbs I was eating on IIFYM did (because I was eating so many carbs to get up to the calorie level I needed).

My running hasn’t been affected at all by switching up how I’m eating, I’m feeling much better running and recovering than I was the weeks before. I ran 20 miles on the treadmill just three days into intuitive eating and I felt fully fueled for that run. And I didn’t have major soreness the days after like I did in the past, no calf tightness at all. Which may be because I’ve been doing better with foam rolling and recovery but I believe giving my body what food it wants also plays a part.

I’m excited to continue on with intuitive eating and learn more from it. It’s so different from my old eating habits (back before I learned about eating to lose weight and macros) since I’ve been eating better quality foods for so long. Now I’m craving greens (I ran out of salad greens this week with how much I was eating them), fruits and whole foods more than chocolate and sweets. Of course, my sweet tooth is still here and getting satisfied but I’m not constantly craving that food like I used to.