Eau Claire Marathon Training Week 16

The first week of tapering is done! I kicked it off by watching the Boston Marathon and that really kicked me into gear to crush the Eau Claire Marathon. Between how amazing the top three female finishers were (I still can’t get the image of Des crossing the finish line out of my mind) and how badass everyone who ran that day was, I’m pumped to race 26.2! So let’s get into it!

Monday, April 16

I watched the Boston Marathon for the first time ever and it was so amazing! I was pumped when I got to the gym and did two strength training workouts from the NTC app (Abs & Arms plus the Glute and Hip Strength I’ve done before) before my spin class. I was really feeling the arm workout the next day!


Tuesday, April 17

5 miles ~ 54:03 ~ 10:48 min/mile

I was determined to stay away from the treadmill so I ran around my work since the sidewalks around the apartment were not really cleared (apparently the businesses thought the snow would magically melt right away). But the sidewalks were cleared more around my work and I just had a little slosh to deal with. It was worth it after being on the treadmill for 30 miles over the weekend and I got to enjoy the sunshine.


I also started taking Vinnie on longer walks in the morning starting on Tuesday because it’s warm enough! Instead of eating my breakfast right away, I just have my coffee and get out the door with Vinnie about 20 minutes earlier. I’m getting at least 3,000 steps in before work and I’m having no problems waiting until after I get into work to eat breakfast.

Wednesday, April 18

8 miles ~ 1:27:48 ~ 10:58 min/mile


This was my first run that was a cutback in mileage for a week, down from 10 miles the week before. It went by so fast (even with having to take a port-a-potty stop) but my watch almost died on me! I’ve never had my watch get this low before, I even got a low battery warning with two miles to go. It lasted through my run and until I could get home to charge it.

Thursday, April 19

5 miles ~ 52:14 ~ 10:25 min/mile


I finally got in my hill repeats (parked at the park by our apartment since that path was cleared by the city) and I went fast on these! My first mile was 10:10 (with about ½ being running to the hill) so I slowed down more when I was just doing the hill repeats. Still, the three miles of just hill repeats were between 10:30-10:40 and my final mile over the hill and back was 10:18. But it felt so good to run in the sunshine and it was almost 60!

Friday, April 20


Vinnie and I continued our morning walks and it’s getting warmer in the morning! We also did a long walk after work (over 3 miles) and I’m sure Vinnie would have kept on going if I let him. I ended the day with 14,476 steps which is crazy compared to the just over 10,000 I normally get on my rest days. I also did a core-focused yoga session when we got back (and Vinnie naped) which burned but felt so good.

Saturday, April 21

4 miles ~ 38:04 ~ 9:28 min/mile


This was my final pace run of marathon training….and of course I went faster than my marathon pace. It was sunny, right around 40 and that’s what felt good. My first mile wasn’t too crazy fast (only 9:46) but the final three were 9:26, 9:18 and 9:21. But I’m feeling pumped for getting that 4:45 goal at the Eau Claire Marathon!

Sunday, April 22

12 miles ~ 2:06:29 ~ 10:32 min/mile

It was a gorgeous morning for a run! Sunny and 40 at the start, getting up to 60 at the end. There were so many more people out than I've seen in a long time. This was my last double digit long run until the Eau Claire Marathon so I headed south and followed the Minnehaha Parkway.


I ended up going at marathon pace for the run and it didn't feel tough at all. Its jsut what felt easy! I was unsure about how I would feel running in these temperatures (which should be similar to race day) but I had no problems at all.

And that's a wrap on week sixteen of training! Mileage will be going down again in the next week and we are getting so close to the marathon.

How was your last week of training?