Returning to those taper blues

When I was tapering for the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon, I got hit by the taper blues hard. It was a month into blogging here so of course I wrote a post about it. And now, a year later, those similar taper blues are here again.

I had a lot of anxiety leading up to the Twin Cities Marathon but I’m not feeling as anxious this time around. With one marathon under my belt, I have a much better idea of what the race is going to feel like once I get past mile 20. And my training has been going excellent and I’ve been running faster than during Twin Cities Marathon training so I’m more than confident in reaching my 4:45 goal.

I still have soem anxiety but it feels much more managable. And it's mainly because this is the first race we are traveling for and I keep thinking I'm goign to forgot something. So I'm listening to lots of pdocasts about race day mentality and mental toughness plus already starting on my packing lists.

But one thing I’m feeling is just pent up energy this time around. And I haven’t even cut back my mileage that drastically yet! I’m pretty sure it’s because we’ve been stuck inside so long and it’s finally nice outside. So I just want to be outside and doing something physical instead of sitting at a computer.

On the bright side, with the weather being warm and much nicer outside, I can take advantage of little breaks to step away and get outside. Plus I’m  using part of my lunch hour to take a walk around work. These will really help me out mentally and physically while tapering to get outside and get moving. Vinnie and I are also taking much longer walks in the morning and after work.

Are you tapering for a race right now too? Let me know in the comments what problems you find pop up during your tapers and how you deal with them!