Eau Claire Marathon Training Week Fourteen

My mileage got cutback this week to recover from last week’s (almost) 50 miles. I didn’t slow down much otherwise (except for the pacing on most of my runs), I even added on a new cross-training activity. Let’s get into it!

Monday, April 2

I got Monday off from work (although Mike had to work and he had his last night of bowling for the season). Instead of getting my workout in early in the day (like I normally would), I decided to try out something new. With Mike being done with bowling for the season, he’ll be home Monday night so I wanted to try out a spin class at the gym.


The class was at 5:30 p.m. but I got there about 4:30 so I could do some strength training (glute and hip strength workout from the NTC app) and make sure I got a bike. I haven’t done a spin class in over two years so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the class or the instructor. But I loved it! It was a tough class but not as bad as I was thinking. Next week, I’m going to wear my heart rate monitor to see how hard I’m working out.

Tuesday, April 3

5 miles ~ 56:20 ~ 11:15 min/mile

We had a little scare with Vinnie and went to the emergency vet at about 2 a.m. (nothing serious but we thought something was up with back) so I was pretty worn out on Tuesday. I worked for about four hours from home (and got in a nap) which was good since we got more snow!

I ended up running on the treadmill and watching Supernatural since it was snowing pretty good outside and I knew none of the sidewalks would be clear. I figured I’d done enough to my body running in snow last Saturday. So I just took it easy and it felt pretty good.

Wednesday, April 4

6 miles ~ 1:05:16 ~ 10:52 min/mile

Back to running in layers and being surrounded by snow but at least I didn’t have to be on the treadmill again. I ran from our apartment instead of by the river like I usually do on Wednesdays since I had a later meeting. I didn’t want to try and map out a six mile loop so I just did a three miles out and then turned right around.


At least one good thing is that the sun had been out all day long so the sidewalks were pretty clear (except for some puddles) and it made it feel a lot warmer than it really was. Which was nice but I’m just ready for spring to be here and stay.

Thursday, April 5

5 miles ~ 54:37 ~ 10:55 min/mile

It keeps on slowly getting warmer in Minnesota (although we are dipping down again over the weekend) and I was able to run without gloves or a headband! I did hill repeats as my final work week run since I didn’t get them in on Tuesday.

I was actually a little worried about how running hill repeats would feel since I had the soreness with my hip on Sunday and I hadn’t run many hills since then. But they felt really good while I was running with no pain at all (plus I took it at a slower pace which helped a ton)! I did feel more tightness in my left leg afterwards but Mike managed to get a knot out of the calf on that side.

Friday, April 6

Rest day again and I took it easy. I got out for a walk over the lunch hours so I could get in my 10K steps for the day (along with taking Vinnie on a couple of long walks). I also did the Runners Love Yoga Hips/IT Band workout and it felt a lot easier this time. My hips were still tight but it felt easier than the first time I did it.

Saturday, April 7

6 miles ~ 1:00:50 ~ 10:07 minute/mile

It was chilly in Minnesota (right around 0 with the windchill) so I had to bundle up for this run once again. I even grabbed hand warmers to make sure my hands were warm enough. But I kept warm on this six mile run and it probably kept me going fast. This wasn’t even supposed to be a marathon pace run but I went even faster than that without realizing (since my watch was safe under my jacket).

I just ran what felt good and running that fast felt good. I didn’t even have any more pain or soreness on the uphills like I had experience on my 18 mile run. Of course, after we sat at the Orpheum for a couple of hours later that day to watch Something Rotten, I did feel some soreness. But nothing like I had last weekend!

Sunday, April 8

12 miles ~ 2:04:33 ~ 10:22 minute/mile

Once again, I went faster than marathon pace on this run. And again, for the second day in a row, that felt good! Still no pain or soreness on the run and no spots that felt extraordinarily tight when foam rolling after. Even though I should have been slower on this run, it still felt good to see that pace. If it feels that good to run the marathon at a slightly slower pace on rested legs, it’s going to be an awesome race day.


We are now four weeks out from the Eau Claire Marathon! I have one more heavy week of 50 miles (including a last 20 mile run) and then it’s time to taper.

How was your last week of training? Let me know something exciting that happened in the comments!