Transitioning to summer running

Even though we had a blizzard in mid-April, Minnesota is already moving towards summer weather! Which is awesome when I don’t have to wear a coat or layer up to take Vinnie outside but brings a new set of complications when it comes to running. Here are my tips for running safely when the weather gets warm!

Transitioning to Summer Running Pinterest.jpg

Sun Protection

Even if it’s mostly cloudy in the summer, I make sure to wear sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses if needed. You can never be too careful when it comes to sun protection, especially since a lot of my runs are by water and the sun reflects right off the water.

I won a 123FRE set from a recent Runners Love Yoga Challenge and it came with an awesome SPF30 moisturizer. It’s formulated for workouts and I’ve had no problems with my skin feeling greasy or it dripping into my eyes as I sweat.

Run Early (or Late)!

As we get into June, I’ll be transitioning my runs to be earlier in the morning to beat the heat. Especially speedwork days, even during the work week, since those will feel so much better without the heat. You can also run after sunset for less humidity but it will still be warmer than in the early morning.

Wear Light Colors

You’ve probably noticed how few dark colored running shirts I have and how little I wear my darker color ones. This helps me stay cooler year-round but is especially nice during the summer. Even if it’s not 80+, darker shirts absorb any sunshine and make me so much warmer. Just make sure to wear that sunscreen too!


Drink water early and often throughout the day. I start out the day with 20 ounces, even if I’m heading right out on a run, and keep on sipping it throughout the day. And I make sure to stop at water fountains (once they get turned on) or carry water on my runs. There’s nothing worse than running out of gas in a run because you need water. I especially love my Nuun Vitamins in the morning and Nuun Electrolytes during or right after a workout.

How do you change up your runs in the summer to keep safe? Share it in the comments!