One Month of Intuitive Eating

One Month of Intuitive Eating Blog.jpg

Well, I’ve now been using intuitive eating for about a month (see my first post about switching to intuitive eating to learn more about why I made the change and my early thoughts). It’s still really strange not be counting macros or stepping on the scale. Yes, I still haven’t stepped on the scale and I probably won’t be for a while. My clothes are feeling fine so I’m not freaking out about not seeing all the numbers I collected while doing IIFYM and daily weigh-ins.

I’m feeling a lot better energy-wise than when I was counting macros. A big part of this is just the mental energy and time it took to count macros. The measuring, finding out the macros of recipes and trying to fit my meals in via a Tetris-like game was exhausting. It’s so quick in the morning now to pack up my breakfast, lunch and snacks now.

One thing I’m working on now that I’m no longer marathon training is adjusting to smaller portion sizes since I don’t need to eat as much. I’ll pack what I used to easily eat during marathon training for lunch and find myself not eating about ¼ of it. Which is great that I’m not feeling like I should eat it just because it’s in front of me but I need to start packing just a little bit less food.

I’m also finding myself craving a lot more fruits and vegetables now that I’m past the marathon. That’s probably because I ate a lot of greasy foods post-marathon (burger, fries, cheese curds, pizza and beer). Immediately the next day, I just wanted all the green foods. My body just needed that balance back after running a marathon and eating a ton of delicious but not as nutritious foods.

Are you using intuitive eating? Let me know in the comments how it’s going for you!