What's my training like for the Stillwater Half?

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Over Memorial Day weekend, I’m running my sixth half! And not only my six half, but I’ll be re-running my first half marathon. Back in 2015, I ran the Stillwater Half and got hooked on running. Now I’m heading back to get a new course PR (and maybe a half PR?).

But I also ran a marathon one week ago so how am I transitioning from running a marathon to getting ready for a half? It’s actually been a pretty easy (and great) transition so far.

I’m using the last three weeks of Hal Higdon’s Intermediate II Half Marathon plan to get me ready for the Stillwater Half. I mainly chose this plan because it has two days of speedwork a week (a tempo or interval run plus a pace run). I miss doing speedwork so much and it’s been feeling awesome to run fast. I did my first tempo run on Wednesday and it felt amazing to see a 9 minute mile pop up!

For my paces on the run, I’m using my 5K PR from the Valentine’s Day 5K to set my interval pace (an 8:30 pace) and my PR from the Lake Minnetonka Half for the pace runs (a 10:00 minute pace). It’s feeling really good to run faster paces but I’m also having to pull back on my easy run days.

I’ll be keeping my same cross-training and rest day routines as doing marathon training. Spin class and strength training on Mondays (although I’m going to try out some new workouts from the NTC app) and yoga on Fridays. I’m also looking forward to getting in some long walks with Vinnie on Fridays now that the weather is much better!

So, how long did it take me to get back into running after the marathon? Well, I only took off one day before I got back out to test running. Of course, if running wasn’t feeling good or if my legs felt really tight, I would have backed off and re-evaluated when I was going to start running again. But it felt awesome and the next day I even got in some speedwork. I’m because really careful with my post-run recovery to prevent any injuries.

Have you run two races in a month? Share your tips for making it work in the comments!