Training Tips Tuesday 20: Core Work and Runners

Training Tips Tuesday Core Work and Runners Pinterest.jpg

As I talked about in my training recap for last week, I’m adding a core-specific workout in at least once a week. I was doing this for most of my marathon training and switched to doing a core/arms workout during my cross-training as my mileage went higher. Now that my mileage is going back down (so that I have some more time where I’m not running), I really want to focus again on my core.

I found a huge difference in my running once I started working my core consistently and I want that to continue. If you already aren’t doing core exercises, the benefits for runners are amazing. I can tell it’s helped me run faster for longer by stabilizing my pelvis, reducing side to side motion and improving my stride. Plus since we’re hoping to expand our family in the future, having a strong core will help throughout pregnancy, delivery and beyond!

Of course, I’m going to recommend a couple of workouts from the NTC app. It’s my go-to for workouts and what I’ve been using for my cross-training workouts. Here’s some of my favorite core workouts:

  • Core Countdown

  • Super Twist Core Series

  • Quick Core Crush

What are some of your favorite core workouts? Share them in the comments!