My three favorite health and fitness apps

I love using technology for everything in my life. So it’s not surprising that I have a bunch of health and fitness apps that I use on a regular basis. Today I’m sharing a couple of my favorite ones!

Three of my favorite health and fitness apps Pinterest.jpg


I use Calm every single morning for meditating. I take five minutes after I’m done getting ready to let my mind clear before starting the day and I’ve found it’s been a huge help in my mental wellness. I’ve been using Calm since early December (and every day in 2018) and love it! I’m only the free version so I have only have timed, non-guided meditations but the 7 Days of Calm included helped me start off meditating.


Back in February, I wrote an entire post about why I love the NTC app and my love for it continues! It’s so convenient to have a library of workouts at my fingertips for free so I can choose what I want to do each day. Plus they are always adding new ones so I can mix it up for a new challenge.


So Clue is not for everyone, just for those who menstruate but it’s my favorite period tracking app! It’s a super clean, user-friendly app with lots of room for customization. Plus it’s not screaming girly pink and flowers like other apps I’ve used. Even though I’m on a birth control pill and get my period right on schedule, I still track it (and I’m trying to keep track of my symptoms). There’s so many options of what you can choose to track and what kind of reminders I want.

What are your favorite health or fitness apps? Share them in the comments!