Oatmeal Runner Reviews... Brooks Ghost 10

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I’ve told you why I love the Brooks Ghost 9s and I started running in the updated Ghost 10s a couple of months ago. After almost 200 miles of running in the Ghost 10s, I’m happy to report I love them!

Personally, I don’t feel a difference between the Ghost 9 and 10s. I did have a unused pair of Ghost 9s that I added into my shoe rotation about a month after the 10s and didn’t feel any different running in those. Both are very comfortable and felt great on my feet while I finished up marathon training. I didn’t feel any difference running in the two pairs or noticed I felt extra sore when I started out in the 10s.

There wasn’t a lot of changes that Brooks made from the 9s to the 10s which is why I can’t feel any big differences running in them. One of the big things that probably made them even more comfortable is that there’s two layers of of foam instead of one for the cushioning system. The first time I put on the 10s, I could tell there was more cushioning versus my old 9s but I thought it might have just been the fact that they were brand new shoes.

The 10s are still awesome for running in all sorts of weather, although I haven’t done too much running in the rain yet. But they felt great in the snow (no slipping!) and my feet don’t feel like they are getting super sweaty in the summer weather we are getting now.

Do you run in Brooks Ghosts? If not, what’s your go-to running shoes?