Weekly Running Report: May 14-20

Weekly Running Report - May 14-20 Pinterest.jpg

One more week of training down before my next race. I had some ups and downs with my running but ended the week on a high note. Let's get into it!

Monday, May 14


I got back to weights and a spin class this week! It felt so good to get both of them in and get sweaty without running. However, I did do two new strength training workouts on the NTC app and the leg one really hit some new spots. My hamstrings were sore for almost three days after!

Tuesday, May 15

4 miles ~ 41:33 ~ 10:22 min/mile


I had 5K intervals on the calendar and thought I could do them even though it was 80 and sunny. Not the best choice at all! I ended up just doing one mile of intervals and then running easy for another three miles.

Wednesday, May 16

3 miles ~ 33:12 ~ 11:03 min/mile


Getting warmer this day so I was glad for an easy run day. I also made sure to bring along water too! Plus made the choice to switch over to morning runs starting next week to make my runs feel easier.

Thursday, May 17

4 miles ~ 41:05 ~ 10:17 min/mile


I headed on the treadmill to do some 5K intervals again. I had 10 intervals on the calendar but ended up doing 6 and then one mile easy at the end. It felt really good but I was drenched in sweat by the end.

Friday, May 18

Work was long and stressful so after I got Vinnie on walk I did a yoga video focused on calming nerves to wind down for the night. It was super calming, especially with the breathing exercises.

Saturday, May 21

3 miles ~ 28:53 ~ 9:36 min/mile


Just a quick three mile pace run which worked out perfectly since my family was coming down to take my nephew on his first zoo visit. It was an awesome run even though I went faster than my half marathon pace. I also got in a good core workout at the gym afterwards and lots of walking at the zoo.

Sunday, May 20

11 miles ~ 1:52:39 ~ 10:14 min/mile


Another gorgeous day for a run! Mike joined me on his bike as went around the lakes and it felt a ton better than last Sunday’s run. It was a bit cooler, not as crowded and I remembered to bring along a GU to have at mile 8.

After some ups and downs in running this week, I’m feeling really good about the Stillwater Half on Saturday! I haven’t run a half in over a year so it will be fun to run a shorter distance race. Let me know how your last week of training go in the comments.