Training Tips Tuesday #21: running with a faster partner

Mike has been joining me for a couple of long runs and it’s so much fun. However, since he’s on his bike he is faster than me. So here are a couple of tips I use on these runs to keep it fun and motivating.

Training Tips Tuesday Running with a Faster Partner Pinterest.jpg

Start first

Since Mike has to get his bike off the car and it takes me a little bit longer to get going, I take that time to get a little bit of a head start on him. Even though he’ll pass me before the first mile, it’s nice to be ahead of him for a little bit.

Plot out meeting points

We try to talk about where we are going to meet ahead of time so he knows where to stop and I know when to keep an eye out for him. It’s nice to check in quick with each other and get a little extra motivation before the next leg.


Since some of the bike paths are one-way only, I’ll run in the opposite direction so I’ll cross-paths with Mike and I’m able to wave (and he also rings his bike bell). It’s a quicker way to check in without stopping.

Do you run with a faster partner? Share your tips in the comments!