Weekly Running Report May 21-27

It’s getting hotter in Minnesota and I had my last week of training leading up to the Stillwater Half Marathon. Let’s get into it!

Weekly Running Report - May 21-27 Pinterest.jpg

Monday, May 21


Since I had gotten so sore last week after doing a new lower body workout, I decided to just do upper body before spin class. Which was a really decision since we had a sub in spin class and it was a super tough class. I made it through but it was a totally different experience from our normal instructor.

Tuesday, May 22

2.9 miles ~ 30:02 ~ 10:19 min/mile


I started running at 5 a.m. this week and it felt so much better than running after work. However, doing a tempo run at 5 a.m. was a little bit tougher since I wasn’t as warmed up as usual. But I got up to 10K pace and got a run in before heading into work.

Wednesday, May 23

2 miles ~ 20:58 ~ 10:25 min/mile


The temperature kept on rising and it wasn’t going down before the Stillwater Half. I was exhausted after this run and it was when I realized racing the half wasn’t going to be possible. But I could at least still have fun running it!

Thursday, May 24

The first of two rest days! Vinnie went to work with Mike since we were going to Solo that night (it was AWESOME) so I went to the gym to get some time in on the elliptical.

Friday, May 25


Rest day number two and the beginning of my four day weekend! I went to a great yoga class at the gym and then Vinnie and I took a long walk along the river. And of course Vinnie went for a little swim too.

Saturday, May 26

13.1 miles ~ 2:25:45 ~ 11:04 min/mile


I ran the Stillwater Half Marathon and set a new course PR!

Sunday, May 26


I decided to take another low-key day after a hot race so yoga class once again at the gym. It was a lt tough than Friday’s but my legs felt so much better afterwards. Vinnie and I went to Lake Harriet after for a long walk and some wine and dog treats afterwards.

And that’s how the week before my last race of 2018 went! Next week I’m transitioning into a self-made schedule to keep up my running without being so intense.

How was your last week? Let me know in the comments!