Training Tips Tuesday #22: Recovery after a hot race

Training Tips Tuesday #22 Recovery after a hot race Pinterest.jpg

On Saturday, I ran the Stillwater Half Marathon which was a hot and tough race. I was so much more wiped out from it than after the Eau Claire Marathon so I adjusted my recovery. Here’s what I did day by day:

Saturday (post-race): foam rolling and a two hour nap. I could tell that I was feeling so much more worn out than after the Eau Claire Marathon because I took a nap. I didn’t nap (even even feel that tired) right after the Eau Claire Marathon but I did after the Stillwater Half.

Sunday (day after the race): yoga class, walking around the lake and another nap. There was some tough spots during yoga class (especially anything that really stretched my hamstrings) but my legs felt so much better after class. Vinnie and i took a lunchtime walk around Lake Harriet which took us a little bit over an hour due to all the sniffing. I stayed awake for a little bit after we got home but by 2 p.m. I was falling asleep on the couch. So off I went for another nap!

Monday (two days after the race): I got back into a regular workout schedule on Monday! I did my workout in the morning since I had the day off of work and my usual spin class was cancelled because of holiday hours at the gym. I did two NTC workouts (one upper-body, one lower-body) at the apartment gym and then headed to LA Fitness to get some cardio in. My body is feeling really good and recovered today.