What's in my bag for the Eau Claire Marathon?

We are just one day out from the Eau Claire Marathon and heading out this morning! The plan today is to head to the expo after we check in, grab dinner and then relax back at the hotel. Hopefully I’ll get a good night’s sleep in before the marathon. But, what am I packing for race day?

Eau Claire Marathon bag Pinterest.jpg


Since we are staying in a hotel, I’m bringing along my oatmeal for breakfast along with coffee grounds and the french press. Our hotel does have breakfast but since I want to leave at about 6:15 a.m. I need to bring my own stuff. I’ll have my foam rollers too so I can do a little bit of pre-run foam rolling before we leave.

During race

I’m planning on wearing a tanktop, shorts and my Nuun hat for the race. The forecast is supposed to be 50 at race start, getting up to 60 and sunny. So of course I’ll also be sunscreening up! I’ll also be bringing up my foil wrap from Twin Cities Marathon to keep warm before race start. There’s a light wind and it won’t feel too cold so I’m not going to bring a throwaway jacket.

I’ll also have my Flipbelt and handheld water bottle (with Nuun in it!) and GUs. I’m also bringing along a couple of salt tabs since I’m sure I’ll be sweating a ton during the race. Luckily my Flipbelt has a zippered pocket so none of this will fall out!


I’m planning on hanging around post-race to ring the PR bell(!) and eat a doughnut. Because, priorities. We’ll be heading back to the hotel so I can foam roll and shower and then head out for lunch (burgers and beer). I’ll probably pack shorts and a t-shirt for going out to lunch and then change into my pjs once we get back to the hotel. Plus I’ll be wearing my compression socks as much as possible because my legs were just pulsing so much after the Twin Cities Marathon.

What are your race bag essentials? Is there anything different you bring for a local versus away race? Let me know in the comments!