What are my thoughts before the Eau Claire Marathon?

I’m writing this a bit sooner than my pre-Twin Cities Marathon thoughts post, just over 36 hours versus 24 hours, but it’s interesting to see how similar my thoughts are to before my last marathon!

Pre-Marathon Thoughts Pinterest.jpg

First of all, the weather looks awesome on Sunday! Sunny with temperatures starting at 50 and getting into the 60s when I’ll be finishing. Plus light winds so it will be a big improvement over the rain at the Twin Cities Marathon. Even though I know I can run a marathon in the drizzle/rain, I’m glad to see that won’t be happening this time around.

Second, I’m feeling so confident in my pacing. Even though my legs have been feeling heavy this week (thanks to tapering finally kicking in), I know they are going to feel amazing come race day. My plans are to throw my legs up once we get back from the expo and also relax in the hot tub for a little bit. Plus getting in a good foam rolling session before bed. But training has been going so great (with the exception of a couple to be expected bad runs) and I know I’ll hit that 4:45 time!

Last, I’m nervous about traveling for this race. I’m just hoping I remember to bring everything and that I get some rest leading up to the marathon. I finally slept through the night for the first time in a couple of days and hopefully that continues. And that my allergies don’t get any worse than they are right now