Training Tips Tuesday #19: Post-Marathon Recovery

Training Tips Tuesday Post Marathon Recovery Pinterest.jpg

Two days ago, I PR’d my marathon time by seven minutes at the Eau Claire Marathon! And even though I ran faster than at the Twin Cities Marathon, my legs are feeling much better! No twitching muscles and my legs aren’t feeling as sore. So, what did I do this time around?

First of all, Mike and I walked a little bit right after the marathon so we could find some place easy for him to pick me up with the car. I really think that walking helped a ton since I wasn’t sitting down right away.

Once we got back to the hotel, I filled up the whirlpool tub with cold water and soaked (after doing round one of foam rolling). I was feeling a little bit stiff but nothing too bad. Plus the cold water felt awesome since the marathon was so hot. I took a warm shower after and then we went out to a late lunch.

When we got back from lunch, I did a little bit more foam rolling and filled up the whirlpool tub with hot water for some more soaking. We relaxed for a couple of hours while I elevated my legs, then I decided to throw on my compression socks and go for a short walk by the hotel.

The rest of the night was more relaxing (and eating). I still didn’t have any twitching muscles and I wasn’t feeling too incredibly sore. It still wasn’t super easy getting in and out of bed first thing in the morning but it wasn’t horrible.

What are your favorite ways to recover after a hard race? Share them in the comments