Weekly Running Report June 4-10

Back into the swing of things with a full week of work but at least it wasn’t a super busy week. I’m finally feeling like I’m in routine again with my runs which helps out a ton. So let’s get into it!

Weekly Running Report - June 4-10 Pinterest.jpg

Monday, June 4


I was super excited to get back to spin class after not having it last week. I got my two strength sesion workouts in (I’m starting to feel like I’m working my upper body more, my back and arms are getting sore) and then headed up to the room to get warmed up on the bike. And waited. The instructor had to cancel class and they never put a sign up which sucks. I did some cardio solo on the elliptical before heading home.

Tuesday, June 5

4 miles ~ 41:50 ~ 10:27 min/mile


One of my favorite things about 5 a.m. runs is I’m always catching the sunrise. Today it was nice and bright over the sports field in my last mile. Plus I also negative split this run, going from 10:36 in the first mile to 10:21 in the last!

Wednesday, June 6

3 miles ~ 32:00 ~ 10:37 min/mile


Global Running Day run time! It was a hot, hard run but I got it in. I’m also trying out a new thing on the run: not seeing my running splits. I’ve found once I get going fast, I get competitive with myself and trying to keep going that fast. Even if it means pushing myself. So I turned off the auto-splits on my Garmin to see if that helps.

Thursday, June 7

4 miles ~ 42:49 ~ 10:38 min/mile


This run had an especially gorgeous sunrise over the Como Zoo! Not having my mile splits showing up on my watch is really helping me run easier and listening to my body to how it feels. The only downside is I don’t have a beep to help me count miles but most of the time I know the landmarks at my mile splits on my usual running routes.

Friday, June 8

I decided to do a nice, relaxing yin yoga video to wind down after the work week. I really appreciated the relaxing yoga I did two weeks ago and my morning meditation time so it was nice to have that yoga to calm down with after the work week.

Saturday, June 9

8 miles ~ 1:25;06 ~ 10:37 min/mile


Today’s run was all about running down to the Minnehaha Bunny and back. It’s a really nice path along the creek and since I got out early enough it wasn’t crowded at all. It felt really good even though I started feeling a little nauseous again at a couple of points. Not enough to stop but it was strange!

Sunday, June 10

5 miles ~ 53:25 ~ 10:40 min/mile


Just a nice easy run in the park this morning. It was so nice to see the sun come out after yesterday’s cloudiness and rain. Looking at my splits after the run, they were a little up and down but it felt really good.

And that wraps up another week! Coming up this week is my birthday and a Nuunbassador group run at Glam Doll Donuts that I’m looking forward to. Let me know how your last week of running went in the comments!