Training Tips Tuesday #24: Running Without (Mile) Splits

Training Tips Tuesday Running Without (Mile) Splits Pinterest.jpg

Last week, I made the decision to turn off the mile splits alerts on my Garmin watch. I  noticed that, even though I’m not training for a specific race or goal, I was constantly measuring my run by what my watch was telling me. I was going out too fast and then trying to keep that faster pace going. Even when my body was telling me I should be running slower.

With the past couple of runs, I feel like I’m running with less distractions and I can focus on how I’m feeling on the run. I’m still keeping a pretty good average pace for my runs but I’m not worrying about it every time my watch beeps for my next mile split.

Instead, all I see on my watch is how long I’ve been running and my total mileage. Sure, I could do running math to figure out my pace but that’s too hard to do on the run. It is getting slightly easier to tell that I might be going a little bit too fast and slow it down before I get worn out.

The one big downside I’ve had to change when I fuel on my long run. I’m not running long enough to need a GU but I’m carrying Nuun on the run to drink. In the past, I’ve done it every two miles and relied on my watch to tell me when to drink. On Sunday’s run, I did it more by feel (like I’m pacing myself) whenever my throat starting getting a little dry feeling. I don’t know if this would work as well if I was running longer and needed a GU but it works perfectly now.

Do you run without mile splits (or even without an app or watch tracking your run)? Tell me about it in the comments!