Weekly Running Report June 11-17

Weekly Running Report - June 11-17 Pinterest.jpg

Running got hot, sweaty and hard this week but it was still a pretty good week as I celebrated a birthday and turned 30. Let’s get into it!

Monday, June 11


Back to spin class finally! I don’t know if it was just me or not but I was drenched in sweat but the time I got done with my weights. I could tell for sure the spin class room had the AC going but I was still pretty sweaty once the class was done. But it felt awesome to get back on the bike after last week’s cancelled class.

Tuesday, June 12

4 miles ~ 43:26 ~ 10:49 min/mile


I was feeling pretty sore heading out in the morning so I took it nice and easy on this run. I got in a quick foam rolling session when I got home which helped a ton with how I felt at work afterwards.

Wednesday, June 13

3.8 miles ~ 37:46 ~ 9:56 min/mile


Twin Cities Nuunbassador meetup run! We joined in on Mill City Running’s group run and  ended up doing the four mile route. I haven’t run in that area since marathon training so it was nice to get out there when there’s not snow on the ground. I took it surprisingly fast for it being 80 outside and it felt good. The post-run key lime donut was awesome as well.

Thursday, June 14

3 miles ~ 33:08 ~ 10:59 min/mile


Since Wednesday’s run was almost four miles, I decided to cut down Thursday morning’s run. I’m so glad I did because by about a mile in my legs were aching. It was not helpful to run less than 12 hours after a hard run and I was glad that the next day was a rest day.

Friday, June 15

Vinnie and I took it easy at home after work with a short walk and a calming yoga video. Much less excitement than last Friday when Vinnie had a seizure and we were all glad for that.

Saturday, June 16

4 miles ~ 43:57 ~ 10:57 min/mile


I was hoping to join in on Fleet Feet Minneapolis’ group trail run Saturday morning but we had a huge thunderstorm roll through. Then I thought I’d be able to at least run by our apartment but it started pouring when I tried heading out. I ended up watching Supernatural and running on the treadmill since temperatures were going to be close to 90 when the storms finally ended.

Sunday, June 17

9 miles ~ 1:40:57 ~ 11:12 min/mile


It is not a good sign when I get up at 4:30 a.m. and the temperature is already 75. I wanted to get in a 10 mile run today but cut it back to 9 because  was drenched by the time I hit four miles. The second half of my run was a struggle between it being above 80 and humid, I was never so glad to make it back to my car!

And there’s another week in the books! I won’t be running as much this week since Mike, Vinnie and I are heading up north for a camping trip but we are going to be hiking some.