Training Tips Tuesday #25: Staying Cool During Summer Runs

We are pretty early into the summer but the heat is real in Minnesota. On my Sunday long run, it was already 75 and humid at 7 a.m. and got up into the 80s by the time I was done. So today I’m sharing some quick tips to help you stay cool on summer runs.

Training Tips TuesdayStaying Cool During Summer Runs Pinterest.jpg
  • Run when it’s the coolest

It might not be the easiest to get out earlier but it’s going to feel a ton better than running in the heat of the day. Especially on long run days! Sometimes there’s not really a “cooler” part of the day but at least you can try and get some of your run done before the sun comes out. Check out my tips on getting out for an early morning run.

  • Run near water and in the shade (when possible)

I find that running near water means a better chance of getting some breezes on your run and the shade also helps keep you a little bit cooler.

  • Wear light, loose-fitting clothes

Light colored clothes help reflect the sun off of you and loose-fitting clothes helps any breezes reach your skin. Plus, sweaty, tight fitting clothing just feels uncomfortable on the run!

  • Hydrate before, during and after

Hydration is always important but even more during the summer when a run can leave you drenched in sweat. I usually drink a glass before heading out and bring along Nuun on my handheld (to replace electrolytes). If I’m not ending up back at the apartment right away, I also blend up a smoothie and leave it in a cooler to drink on my way home.

  • Take it inside if needed

If it’s just too hot to get outside or you have a speed workout to do, take it inside to the treadmill. It might not be as scenic as running outside but it will be much safer (and feel better) than trying to push yourself out in the heat.