A New Appreciation for Yoga

Today is International Yoga Day and I wanted to share a newly found appreciation for yoga. During marathon training, I loved how yoga was a good stretch and way to keep somewhat active on a rest day. But now that I’m not training for a race, I’m noticing the mental benefits of yoga more and more.

A New Appreciation for Yoga Pinterest.jpg

I’ve been moving towards toward more slower paced yoga videos that are focused on holding positions and breathing. And I’ve noticed I feel much more relaxed after my yoga sessions and my mood is improved. My whole entire body feels lighter and less tense from even a short 20 minute video.

On a day to day basis, I’m not feeling as stressed or anxious, which might be in part because I’m not training as hard so my body is under as much stress. But I think it’s because I’m also focusing more on mindfulness through my daily meditations and weekly yoga sessions. I’m much more aware of how my body feels under stress and also breathing practices to help calm me down during the day.

Two videos from Yoga with Adriene I’ve been using to enjoy these mental benefits are Self Love Yoga and Introduction to Yin Yoga. Try them out if you want to switch your yoga focus jst from to just stretching to mental awareness!