Weekly Running Report June 18-24

This week was a break from what I’ve been doing for almost the last month. I went trail running for the first time and we also went camping up north. Let’s get into it!

Weekly Running Report June 18-24 Pinterest 1.jpg

Monday, June 18


I had another killer full-body strength training workout using the NTC app followed by spin class. I was exhausted by the end which wasn’t too surprising since Sunday’s run was so hot and I still worked out hard Monday night.

Tuesday, June 19

4 miles ~ 43:39 ~ 10:53 min/mile


I took it pretty easy on this since I was feeling tight from my previous workouts. It felt good to get moving right away in the morning (even though it was drizzling). However, I haven’t been doing the best job of foam rolling or stretching so I was so sore by noon. I did a 40 minute Runners Love Yoga video after work which helped but I could tell I’m not as flexible as I have been in the past.

Wednesday, June 20

4 miles ~ 44:02 ~ 10:58 min/mile


Another gorgeous morning run, perfect temperature and no rain at all this time! I was still feeling pretty sore so I tried to take it easy and listen to my body. I also made sure to get some foam rolling in after my run which made a big difference for the rest of the day. I was still sore but it wasn’t as horrible feeling as Tuesday.

Thursday, June 21

4 miles ~ 46:29 ~ 11:35 min/mile


The first day of summer and my first trail run! I did an entire post about this if you’d like to hear more. But I loved it and it felt really good (no soreness at all). I stopped at the gym on my way to pick up groceries for camping so I could do a core workout and a little bit of stretching.

Friday, June 22


I was originally thinking about doing a run Friday morning because I wasn’t going to be running while we were camping this time. But when I woke up, I was feeling a little bit sore so I decided it would be better to do a yoga video and take Vinnie on a long walk. It’s at least a four hour car ride to where we are camping and I didn’t want to be sore because I chose to run versus taking it easier on my body.

Saturday, June 23


Our full day of camping and we got some hiking in! Vinnie and I walked a little bit of the trails right by the campground while Mike cleaned up from breakfast. Then we headed out to Eagle Mountain, the highest point in Minnesota. We got a little bit less than a mile into the seven mile round-trip hike and decided to turn back around. It was really buggy and Vinnie was getting attacked pretty bad. Instead we hiked on the trails at the campground which had no bugs and was still fun!

Sunday, June 24

3 miles ~ 33:16 ~ 11:02 min/mile


We got a short hike into Lake Superior before heading back home. I was itching to get out and moving after sitting in the car four over four hours so after we unpacked the car, I changed and got out for a quick run. It wasn’t my best feeling run (which is to be expected after not eating like I normally do and drinking less water than I do at home) but it felt good to get moving!

I loved all the fun I had this week and cutting back my running to have a great vacation! Next week I’m getting back to my normal running schedule but I’m already thinking about our next hike (and my next trail run).