Global Running Day: What Running Means to Me

Global Running Day Pinterest.jpg

Today is Global Running Day so I hope you are getting out and being active today! I love the idea of Global Running Day for celebrating your joy of running because running has done so much for me.

Not only has running transformed my body but it’s also transformed who I am. Running has connected me to amazing online communities and given me self-esteem like nothing else I’ve done.

I feel like running has brought me out of my shell and gave me something to be proud of.

Even when I’m feeling at my lowest, I can think about my accomplishments running. I’ve gone from the Couch to 5K program to running two marathons! And I’ve gone from being comfortable running a 12 minute pace to now running 10:30 minute pace regularly.

I hope you are getting a good run in for Global Running Day, whether it’s on the treadmill, out with a group or solo like I’m planning to! Let me know in the comments how you are celebrating Global Running Day.