Three Tips for Starting Intuitive Eating

I’ve now been practicing intuitive eating for over two months and it’s been the best switch for me from macro/calorie counting. I’ve been a lot less stressed and guilty about what I’m eating and trying to figure out what even to eat. Plus I’ve been enjoying my food and experimenting a lot more! Today I wanted to share three tips that have been helpful as I continue on my intuitive eating journey.

Be easy on yourself

I found it really hard to not feel guilty on my food choices when I started intuitive eating and that guilt still creeps up every once and a while now. After years of calorie and macro counting, it’s hard to not remember what I was eating then and compare it to what i was eating in that moment.

But you have to give yourself grace as you figure out how to listen to your hunger cues and what you are hungry for. I’ve found it easier as time goes on and noticed my body evens out what I gravitate towards throughout the day.

Grocery shop appropriately

I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to eat more nutrient dense foods (which I’m graviating to more than foods with less nutritional value) if I keep a wide variety in the house. This means when I go grocery shopping, I load up on a variety of fruits and vegetables.

This makes it easy for me to have a variety of healthy and tasty options on hand to add into almost any meal. Fresh berries into my oatmeal or yogurt, a side salad for lunch or bulking up my eggs by making it into a vegetable hash!

Eat mindfully

I’m still working hard on this but try not to be on your phone, scrolling through social media while eating. I’ve stepped away from electronics for a couple of meals and I’ve found I pay much more attention to what I’m eating and I enjoy it more because my attention isn’t divided.

I’m trying to do this for just one meal a day to continue easing into eating mindfully. It’s easiest to do for lunch since it gives me another reason to step away from my desk and not work through my lunch. Breakfast is harder just because I like to use that time to catch up on social media before heading into work (or out for a run on the weekends).


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