Training Tips Tuesday #28: My Trail Running Essentials

Now that I’ve gone on two trail runs, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve found essential to bring along. What you bring along might vary on where, when and how far you are running so I’d love to hear what you pack!


Not only does my hat help keep the sun off of my face, it also protects my face from low branches!

Sunscreen and bug spray

Sunscreen is always a must-have for runs when the sun is out but with trail runs I make sure to put on bug spray too. Nothing worse than getting bitten while running!

Handheld water bottle

Even though I’m running slower on the trails, I’m working up quite a sweat and I’m out there for longer. So I make sure to carry water along. Plus my keys easily fit in the zippered pouch of my Narathan handheld water bottle.

Extra water bottle and post-run food

Going along with carrying a handheld water bottle, I make sure to have extra water and post-run food packed in a cooler. This way I get replenish right away after my run and have extra water for the drive home.


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