My Favorite Parts of Summer Running

We’ve been in what I feel like is summer running in St. Paul since we hit our first 80+ degree days back in May. And the temperatures have only continued to rise. Even though I’m hot and sweaty on my runs right now, it’s one of my favorite seasons to run in. Here’s my favorite parts of summer running.


20180607_051346 (1).jpg

My weekday runs have given me some gorgeous sunrises and summer is the only season where my 5 a.m. runs line up perfectly with them. It’s the most magical thing to head out and see the sun coming up and over the horizon as I run.

Less Layers

The heat means one thing, I’m not layering on the clothes anymore! After having an extended winter in St. Paul, I’ve never been so happy to pack away my long pants, long sleeved shirts and running jackets. Tank tops and shorts for life! (or until we hit the 40s again)

Trail Running

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This summer has introduced me to trail running and it is filling me with joy right now. And because it’s summer, trail running means running through a forest full of green and it’s just the fulfilling part of my running right now. Trails are my happy place for running.

Early Morning Runs

Besides the sunrises and (somewhat) cooler temperatures, I just love running early in the morning because I feel so accomplished. When it’s 6 a.m. and I’ve already gotten a run in, I just feel more productive the rest of the day. Plus it’s so much quieter on early morning runs and I just have room to think.

What are your favorite parts of summer running? Let me know in the comments!

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