Training Tip Tuesday #29: How I Organize My Gym Bag

Keeping my bag organized and not just throwing everything in there means I can easily grab out what I need for my run or workout without wasting time digging around and dumping out the entire bag.

I find it easiest to keep similar items together in the same pocket since I usually need to grab them together. I have five pockets I keep items in and here’s what I keep in each:

  • Shoe compartment: flip flops plus workout shoes

  • Small pocket 1: Bluetooth headphones and heart rate monitor

  • Small pocket 2: combination lock, BodyGlide and KT tape

  • Small pocket 3: extra hair ties, small brush, extra headband

  • Large pocket: face wipes, sunscreens (body and face)

Keeping everything in pockets also means that the main compartment is free for my to throw in my workout clothes or foam rollers without breaking anything or worrying about misplacing an item. Overall, it’s a less stressful experience getting to the gym and getting a workout in since I put a system in place for my go-to items.

How do you keep your gym bag organized? Let me know in the comments!

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