Weekly Running Report June 25-July 1

Back from vacation and getting back into the running groove again! Of course, Minnesota had throw some less than ideal weekend weather my way. Let’s get into it!

Monday, June 25


I was still off of work so I did a morning weights and cardio session at the gym so I could relax the rest of the day. I wasn’t quite sure I was up for spin class after hiking over the weekend so the elliptical was a better cardio choice. Of course, I still pushed myself hard and got my heart rate up!

Tuesday, June 26

4 miles ~ 43:17


I had a rough run after work because I had some calf cramping going on. I ended up stopping to try and stretch them out a couple of times which was annoying. I’m sure between the alcohol, hiking and sleeping in a tent, my body was just getting readjusted to running. Along with a core session after my run, I did a bunch of foam rolling and stretching to help out.

Wednesday, June 27

3 miles ~ 32:40


My calves were feeling a little tight again on this run but it wasn’t as bad as Tuesday’s run. I only stopped once to stretch them out and focused on running a little bit slower since that seemed to help. Of course, I did more foam rolling and stretching when I got home.

Thursday, June 28

4 miles ~ 42:42


Finally, my calves felt completely loosened up for this morning run! I added in some foam rolling before my run and I think that really helped out. So I probably will be adding that in when I remember to keep my body feeling good. I also did another core session after work to finish off my workouts for the day.

Friday, June 29

It was extremely hot in Minnesota, feels like temperatures over 105, so I did not get in all my steps for the day. I got pretty close with over 13,500 steps but I didn’t want to risk being outside just to get in the rest. I did get in a nice yoga session after work which felt awesome as my body was getting back into a routine after our active vacation.

Saturday, June 30

5 miles ~ 55:14


After Friday’s heat, Saturday morning wasn’t too much better. It was 80 when I got up at 4:30 a.m. and when I got out for my run at 7 a.m. It was a hot, sweaty five miles with some walking breaks. It didn’t help that I went out way too fast for my first mile. Not the smartest choice even in ideal temperatures!

Sunday, July 1

8 miles ~ 1:23:25


I ran in the pouring rain and it was my best run yet this week! My legs felt awesome even with the extra hills and running at a 10:25 average pace. I was soaking wet by mile two and it started downpouring at mile seven but I think it made that run even better. The temperature and humidity drop helped out a ton too!

I’ve got another short week at work coming up the July 4th holiday, I’m off Wednesday and Thursday and working a partial day from home on Friday. Along with heading up to my parents’ on the 4th, I’m hoping to get out on another trail run on Thursday!

How was your last week of running? Let me know in the comments

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