Weekly Running Report: July 16-23

This started off as a normal week of training but I had an amazing run on Saturday that’s changing up my running going forward. Let’s get into it!

Monday, July 16


I decided to to start doing my weights session at the apartment gym since it’s easier to do it there than at L.A. (no competition for same set of weights or space). But I still went to L.A. Fitness for spin class which was the most intense class yet. Lots of speed work on this one and my legs felt worn out by the end.

Tuesday, July 17

4 miles ~ 43:08

Another nice early morning run, although I failed at dodging the sprinklers that were running at the apartment complex while I was heading out. But it felt really good after yesterday’s spin class which I wasn’t sure that would happen since it was so tough.

Wednesday, July 18

3 miles ~ 31:50

We didn’t have a heat advisory so I ran outside after work! It wasn’t that bad feeling of a run but it would have felt better if I had slowed down some from the start. It was 80 and sunny so I ended up having to some walking breaks.

Thursday, July 19

4 miles ~ 43:31

One more awesome morning run! I slowed down my pace a little and it felt so much better. My legs were feeling pretty dead after it so I was ready for my rest day and some compression socks!

Friday, July 20

I took my rest day seriously, especially since Mike got home from work at about 1 a.m.  I wore compression socks all day long at work and did a long yoga session which felt so good for my sore body.

Saturday, July 21

5 miles ~ 46:11


The weather was perfect Saturday morning when I headed out for my run, low 60s and sunny with no wind. So I decided to test my legs and do some a pace run! It ended up going so much better than I could have expected and I had two miles around 9:15 and the other three just above 9:00. I will be adding in a speedwork day going forward because going fast felt awesome and got me motivated again!

Sunday, July 22

8 miles ~ 1:22:25

Mike joined me on this run and we just kept it to around our apartment. Mike started playing Pokemon Go again so he had plenty of time to check out all the Pokemon stops around Como Park. This run felt really good at the start but I was dragging by the end. Not surprising since I ran fast yesterday and kept a pretty good pace for this run too!

I’m really glad I decided to try out a pace run because it’s reinvigorated my running. I’m excited to do some speedwork on Tuesday morning and see some progress in my pace going forward. Let me know how your last week of running went in the comments!

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