Training Tips Tuesday #30: My Three Favorite Types of Speedwork

Since surprising myself with the speed in my legs on Saturday’s run, I’m excited to add back in some speedwork. It’s been my favorite part of training plans and I think will be a good change to to constantly running at an easy pace. Today I wanted to share my three favorite types of speedwork and how I’m thinking of incorporating them into my training.


Intervals are a great way to get used to picking up your pace and getting a good kick in at the end of your race! I like to do mine as ¼ mile repeats and trying to run them close to 5K pace (which is about 8:30 based on my last 5K race).

Tempo Run

I’ve found the definition of a tempo run can vary from program to program but I use the Hal Higdon definition of a continuous run with a build-up in the middle to near 10-K race pace. This would be about a 9:00 pace based on the one 10K I’ve run or closer to 8:50 based on my most recent 5K race.

Pace Run

This is basically what I ended up doing on Saturday, trying to run at a race pace for a specified amount of miles. Of course, I didn’t go out trying to hit specific pace but for incorporating this into future trainings I’d like to try and get a consistent 9:30 pace.

So how am I going to incorporate these into my future training? My plan is to switch off between interval and tempo runs on Tuesday mornings (when my legs are pretty fresh) and do a pace run every two weeks on Saturdays (again, when my legs are fresh after a rest day). So my speedwork will look like:

Interval (Every other Tuesday): 6 x 400 at 5K pace (3 miles)

Tempo (Every other Tuesday): 30 minutes (10 minutes warm-up, 15 minute progression up to 10K pace, 5 minute cool down, should end up right around 3 miles)

Pace Run (Every two Saturdays): 5 miles at 9:30 pace

Now to get these onto the calendar and get into it!

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