Four Reasons I Love Spin Class as a Runner

For past several months, spin class has my favorite non-running cardio. Every single Monday at 5:30 p.m., I’m on that bike and pushing myself. But why do I love it so much?

Low impact

Even though spinning is a similar motion to running and hits the same muscles, there’s not the pounding that my body goes through with running. Because of this, I can still get in an intense cardio session and push myself while letting my legs recover from the past week’s mileage. Even after my high mileage weeks of marathon training, I could get in a spin class without causing injury.

Intense cardio

I leave every spin class sweating and with my heart pounding. Spin class pushes me in a different way than running does since there’s so many more changes the instructor can make during the class. Resistance goes up and down, there’s bursts of speed, we’re standing up, sitting down, moving forward and background. It all adds up to an intense cardio session (with the impact of running).


George, my spin class instructor, is probably my favorite part of spin class. He does an awesome job of motivating and pushing the class which I need on some days. Plus, I don’t need to think about what’s coming up next because I have no control over it. George mixes up every class in what we are doing so it’s never boring and repetitive.

Builds endurance

I can tell my endurance has been built up since starting spin classes. I’m comfortable running about 25 miles a week without feeling extra soreness. Some of that might be coming off of two marathons in a row but I feel like adding spin class into my cardio routine has a lot to do with it too.

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