Weekly Running Report: July 23-29

I amped up my running this week with adding in speedwork and getting in a trail run Let’s get into it as July is almost over!

Monday, July 23

Weights and spin class were awesome but I was dragging by the end. I could tell my legs were still feeling Saturday’s pace run so now I know I might need to cut back a little after pace run weekends. But no major soreness at all which is a win after running easy for the last couple of months!

Tuesday, July 24

4 miles ~ 38:02

My first official speedwork session since the end of May!  I did 5K pace repeats for 4 miles (1/4 mile slow, 1/4 at pace). It was tough but I got it done! Most of my 5K pace intervals were right around 8:30-8:40 which I was aiming for but I had one right at 9. Still not too bad for my first interval workout and it being 5 a.m. (especially since I didn’t eat before heading out).

Wednesday, July 25

3 miles~ 32:27

A tougher run today since my legs were sore from 5K pace intervals the day before. I did extra foam rolling once I got back and hoped that would help them out.

Thursday, July 26

4 miles ~ 43:03

My legs were feeling much better this morning and the weather was perfect for a run! There was still some soreness but not as bad as for Wednesday’s run but I still made sure to stretch before heading off to work.

Friday, July 27

Finally a rest day! I ended up doing a Runners Love Yoga video for IT Band and hips, which I really needed. Those are still my tight spots and I’ve been a little bit lax lately in stretching them out. It’s really hard to make all these components of running a priority so I’ve got to figure how to add them in!

Saturday, July 28

5.5 miles ~ 1:11:33

An awesome trail run out at Theodore Wirth to keep my mind occupied. Super slow miles but the challenge of trails made it feel hard. I ended up doing two loops without even realizing it at first, I thought parts were looking familiar but then again the woods all look the same!

Sunday, July 29

10 miles ~ 1:47:52

Gorgeous morning for a run on Summit Avenue! Legs were feeling yesterday's trail miles but it got better as the run went on. Having a Birthday Cake GU helped too!

That was a great week of running even though I really pushed myself between speedwork, trail running and my long run. Next week we head into the last month of summer and I’ll be doing a tempo run for my speedwork. Let me know how your last week of running went in the comments!

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