Training Tips Tuesday #31: Running on Vacation

I’m heading out on another camping vacation later this week and this time, I will be bringing along running clothes! We’re going to our usual campground with my family so I know there’s places to run and it’s more of a relaxing trip than our June trip up north. Because of this, I wanted to share some quick tips for running when on vacation.

Take safety seriously

You should always be taking safety seriously but it’s really important when running on vacation. Make sure someone knows when and where you are running just in case something happens. I always use the RoadID app so Mike can track my runs just in case.

Stay hydrated

I didn’t do a great job of this while I was camping last year and I could tell the difference it made on my long run once I got back (18 mile long run and I started having leg cramps at mile 15). Of course, enjoy yourself but make sure you are getting water in at the same time! It will also help you keep energy levels up to have fun on vacation.

Run in the morning

As always, I find it easiest to get things done if I do them first thing. Get out for your run earlier in the morning and then you don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day!

Don’t stress it

You don't’ have as much control over when (or if) you can run on vacation as you do at home. You might have to move your run to a different day or skip it all together. But don’t worry about it, a skipped run won’t ruin your training (and the extra rest might even be helpful)!

Don’t forget to share your tips for running while on vacation in the comments!

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