Weekly Running Report July 2-8

A nice short week at work due to the holiday but I had some awesome runs. Including another trail run and a long run with Mike. Let’s get into it!

Monday, July 2


I had some an awesome strength training session and spin class. It was so nice to be back at spin class after taking last Monday off. Of course, this was a week with an extra long ride in the middle which was tough to get through.

Tuesday, July 3

4 miles ~ 43:21


I was worried about how my legs would feel on Tuesday’s morning run but they felt great. Plus the weather was awesome.

Wednesday, July 4

3 miles ~ 33:05


I got out bright and early for Wednesday’s run since we were heading up to my parent’s for the 4th and I was so glad glad I did. It was almost 90% humidity at 5 a.m. which made for a sweaty and tough run. I was originally thinking about doing four miles for the 4th but pulled the plug on that!

Thursday, July 5

4 miles ~ 42:01


Since I was off for the holiday, I wanted to get in another trail run. I didn’t check trail conditions and they were closed due to rain the previous night. But luckily Theodore Wirth has tons of paved paths and I still got in a gorgeous run.

Friday, July 6


Rest day and another partial day off! I did a little bit of work after an early morning yoga session. We also got a walk in by the river and a short hike down so Vinnie could wallow in the water. He could have spent all afternoon laying there.

Saturday, July 8

6 miles ~ 1:09:06


I finally got another trail run in! They opened up the gates Thursday night and I headed out early Saturday morning. It was a combination of paved paths and trails but I found there’s a parking lot by the back trails I ran on so I can just park back there next. It was gorgeous as always probably my best run of the week.

Sunday, July 9

7 miles ~ 1:16:51


Mike joined me on my long run this week and made his first trip to the Minnehaha Bunny. I wasn’t feeling the greatest and since I ran extra the day before, I decided to only make it a seven mile run. There was a nice breeze at least, especially when running by Lake Nokomis and not too many people out.

And that wraps up another week! I’m working full weeks for the rest of the month but my running should keep the same. And hopefully I’ll get out for another trail run. Let me know how your holiday and running went this past week!