July Running in Review

Happy August! We are getting closer to the end of summer but I’m not ready for it to be done yet. Especially since July had much better summer running weather than June. So let’s take a quick look back at my July running.

July 2018 Mileage.jpg

I’m really surprised that I got in 20 more miles in July than June. Part of this might have been that I didn’t run while we were camping in June but I’ve also been running closer to 10 miles for my long runs in July. I feel like my body is recovered from from the past year of marathon training and from hormonal changes form going off of birth control. I’ve been on birth control for longer than I’ve been running and I was not prepared for how a natural hormone cycle would affect my training.

I’m also really excited to be adding back in speedwork to my training. It’s a great way to mix up my running and push myself on a regular basis when I’m not racing at all. My TimeHop is popping up with all my posts from Twin Cities Marathon training which is making me itching to get back into a race training schedule but there isn’t anything I’m really wanting to run right now. So adding in speedwork makes me feel like I’m training for a race without signing up (and paying the money) for one.

How was your July running? Don’t forget to share some of your favorite running moments or stories in the comments!

July 2018 Running in Review Pinterest.jpg