Weekly Running Report August 6-12

Back from camping and getting back into the swing of normal life as summer starts to wrap up (although it doesn’t feel like it temperature-wise). With my vacation, some things got moved around a little bit so let’s get into it!

Monday, August 6

Since we came back from camping on Monday, I used that as my rest day instead of getting in some cross-training. After a three hour car ride and unpacking the car, plus giving Vinnie a walk, I was in need of some relaxation!

Tuesday, August 7

3 miles ~ 26:57

This run felt tough and looking back at my intervals I can tell why! My 5K PR pace is 8:30 and that's what I'm shooting for on my intervals. Today's intervals at 5K pace were between 8:00-7:40 pace. No wonder it felt tough because I was flying!

Wednesday, August 8

3 miles ~ 31:33

Back to the early morning runs before work! Since Mike was still off to dog sit, I was able to get my run in before work which was great because it was supposed to hit 90. I was really surprised at the pace I was able to hit (around 10:30 average pace) after the tough interval workout on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 9

3 miles ~ 32:40

Humid and a little tough run this morning (although it was the same 90+ percent humidity it had been Tuesday and Wednesday). Plus I had to break out the headlamp again because I realized sunrise isn't until 6 am! I had thought Wednesday’s run was darker because I woke up before my alarm but it was more because the sun wasn’t coming up until after I got home.

Friday, August 10

Since I didn’t do cross-training on Monday, I went into the gym after work on Friday to get in some weights and cardio. There was more people than I thought would be there at 2:30 on a Friday so I had to use a mismatched set of weights. It felt really good and my muscles are still hanging in!

Saturday, August 11

5 miles ~ 47:27

I started my weekend out with a sweaty five miles at a 9:30 pace and then followed it up by a Puppies and Pints yoga class with Vinnie! I wasn’t sure how the pace run would go after weights the day before but it felt pretty good and my splits were right on target.

Sunday, August 12

8 miles ~ 1:25:52

Another sweaty long run followed by an intense core session and foam rolling at the gym! I got out later in the morning than I wanted to and it was already 80 by the time I finished. I was also glad it was my monthly massage day because between speedwork and weights, my body is taking on a lot and needed some extra pampering.

Next week I’m back to a regular work schedule and getting in another tempo run. I’m also thinking about getting in a trail run again and maybe exploring a new place to run. We’ll see how the temperatures look since the heat is continuing!

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