Training Tips Tuesday #33: Stepping Back to Keep Moving Forward

Today’s Training Tip Tuesday is almost like a continuation of last week’s tip where I talked about listening to my body and taking a step back on the intensity for one day. Well, after some thought about taking a step back to continue going forward in a healthy manner, I’ve decided to cut back my mileage.

If you got a chance to look at my weekly running report from yesterday, you’ll notice that my Tuesday and Thursday runs were three miles and my long run was eight. I ran 22 miles instead of pushing myself to go further. And I’m feeling really good about it.

After feeling so exhausted two weeks ago, I realized my body couldn’t keep up the same amount of mileage if I was adding in speedwork. I needed to make the decision of keeping my mileage higher or cutting it down to run faster. And it wasn’t that hard of a decision to make since speedwork is keeping me interested and challenged in my running. I’m not signed up for any races so I’m not feeling the need to be running double digit long runs. It’s more fun to explore new running routes and adding in speedwork.

And in the end, it’s going to help me stay healthy and keep running fun for me instead of feeling like I need to slog through my miles for the week. Mentally, I just wasn’t feeling like running ten miles without working towards a race. It takes a lot out of my body, especially during the hot weather we’ve been having, and I’d rather be doing speedwork and feeling good in spin class. Plus I get a little bit of extra time to get ready in the morning after those 5 a.m. runs!

If you aren’t training for a fall race, I’d suggest you take a look at your running (and workouts in general) and ask yourself “Am I doing what’s making me happy?” If the answer is no, maybe explore what in running or other workouts would make you happy and try doing more of that.

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