Weekly Running Report: August 13-19

We’re getting closer to the end of August (and the Minnesota State fair) so I’m trying to get as much out of summer as I can. This week, I visited two new state parks (including trail running at one), let’s get into it!

Monday, August 13

Since I had just done weights on Friday and didn’t want to overtax my body, I decided to do a bodyweight glute and hip workout from the NTC workout instead of my normal weights workout. It was a good idea I did that since spin class was a tough one with lots of sprints and high resistance!

Tuesday, August 14

30:19 ~ 3 miles

I thought for sure this was going to be slower between the humidity and sore legs from spin class but this was a faster pace than my last tempo run! Still, I'm ready for done cooler, less humid runs.

Wednesday, August 15

32:16 ~ 3 miles


A nice, cool easy run at 5 a.m.! Normally I run after work on Wednesdays but since it was going to hot, Mike offered to walk Vinnie in the morning so I could get in my run. It was the perfect running weather and my legs felt great.

Thursday, August 16

32:55 ~ 3 miles

One last morning run to finish off the work week! Even though I love my morning runs, it will be nice to have a rest day tomorrow and not head out the door at 5 a.m. After doing it for three days in a row, my body is need some rest.

Friday, August 17

It might have been a rest day but I got Vinnie out for a long walk at Fort Snelling State Park! We are only a 20 minute drive away but I hadn’t been there yet and I wanted to check out the trails for some future running. We walked from the beach out to Pike Island, which took about 90 minutes round trip. I can’t wait to do some trail running on Pike Island next weekend!

Saturday, August 18

5 miles: 51:07


A nice "easy paced" run along the river that ended up around a 10:15 average pace. You can tell we are getting closer to the fall marathon season, there’s a lot more people out along the river paths including the World Vision team doing their Twin Cities Marathon training.

Sunday, August 19

5.5 miles ~ 1:01:37

I drove out to Afton State Park (another new to me state park) for some trail running. It was a tough run (the elevation out there was brutal) but so worth it for the gorgeous views! I can’t wait to get out there again, either for running or hiking, plus I’ll be writing up my experience running out there later in the week.

Next week will be more of the same (although with less state park visits). It’s nice to be in a routine with my workouts even though I’m not training for a race and finding new ways to challenge my body. Let me know how your last week of running went in the comments!

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