Weekly Running Report: August 20-26

September is coming up so fast! The Minnesota State Fair started on Thursday which means the Labor Day holiday is coming. But I had lots of fun still on my runs as the temperatures cooled down and a new Runners Love Yoga Challenge started up. Let’s get into it!

Monday, August 20

I was still feeling pretty sore from my trail run the day before at Afton State Park (so much elevation!) so I skipped spin class and stuck to weights and the elliptical. The elliptical felt really good and I could have gone longer than I did...except I only brought my Converse shoes. As much as I love them for weight lifting, they make my feet fall asleep on the elliptical.

Tuesday, August 21

3 miles ~ 28:26

It was finally cool enough to do speedwork after work! All my pace intervals were at my 5K PR pace (8:30) or faster which is amazing since it was about 10 degrees warmer than my morning runs. Followed up my run with Day 1 of #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS18 (revolved chair pose) and a 10 minute core session.

Wednesday, August 22

3 miles ~ 31:34


An easy run for today but I went out a bit too fast for the weather. First two miles were pretty even but the last was about 20 seconds slower. Even with the heat, it's so nice to be running daytime! Finished it up with Day 2 of #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS18 (revolved lunge pose). My legs were feeling it for sure (and the muscles were popping)!

Thursday, August 23

3 miles ~ 31:52

A run on tired legs but at least the next day is a rest day! Followed it by day 3 of #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS18 (extended side angle) which felt really good on my tired legs.

Friday, August 24

Day four of #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS18 (another version of revolved lunge pose)! Since today is a rest day (and it's rainy outside), I took extra time glowing through the poses and did them about four times on each side. It felt so good since my body was feeling extra worn out.

Saturday, August 25

5 miles ~ 51:14

A speedy trail run this morning at Pike Island followed by day five of #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS18 (lunge pose). Loved doing yoga outdoors and running at this new location! I even came across some deer on the island which was awesome to see.

Sunday, August 26

7 miles ~ 1:13:08

This run felt a bit iffy at points but strong at the end (hit the hills leading up St. Thomas hard and made it up them without walking, I even passed two runners ahead of me). Followed up with day size of #RunnersLoveYogaLEGS18 (Warrior III). Balancing poses are a little bit tricky after a seven mile run, there was a bit of wobbling going on.

Next week, we are heading into the holiday weekend! Mike and I are taking off work on Tuesday to head to the State Fair and then we have a busy weekend. We’re seeing Hamilton (first time it’s come to Minneapolis) and then heading up to my parent’s for dinner on Sunday. But I’ll be getting all my workouts in (and getting back to spin class) along with all the fun we’ll be having!

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