Training Tips Tuesday #32 (on a Monday): Listening to Your Body (Once Again)

Yes, Training TIps Tuesday is on Monday this week! Since I’m on vacation and away from a computer, I decided to switch the weekly running report and training tips posts since I can write this one ahead of time. Keep an eye out for the weekly running report tomorrow morning.

Today, I wanted to talk a little bit more about about listening to your body while working out. I wrote a longer post about this back in December right before starting training for the Eau Claire Marathon and I had another instance of having to take a step back last week.

On Monday, I was feeling pretty exhausted during the day at work. I’d had a pretty heavy training week compared to previous ones since I’ve added in speedwork, did a trail run and 10 mile run, plus I had gotten some bad news on Sunday so I was emotionally and physically worn out. I figured I would see how weights went and take it from there.

I managed to get through my weights workout with just a little bit of struggle but as soon as I finished I knew it wasn’t a good option to go to spin class. I decided instead to do a shorter workout on the elliptical and then head home to eat. I added in extra carbs to my dinner smoothie bowl and prepared myself to take Tuesday’s run easier if I still was feeling worn out the next morning.

I felt so much better Tuesday morning and my tempo run went pretty great. It was a good reminder that with adding in speedwork now, I need to pay more attention not just to foam rolling and stretching but what I’m eating and step back my cross-training cardio if needed. Spin class feels great but if it’s at the expense of dragging down my runs it is not worth it.

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