Weekly Running Report: July 30 - August 5

I had a great week of vacation time and vacation running, but I also had some workouts going on before that! Let’s get into it!

Monday, July 30

Between getting back into speedwork and finding out a family member died over the weekend, I was pretty worn out mentally and physically. After getting in my weights workout, I decided to listen to my body and just do an elliptical workout instead of spin class. It felt so much better than trying to push myself further than I needed to.

Tuesday, July 31

4.4 miles ~ 45:05

After taking it easier the day before and getting some extra carbs in, this morning's tempo run felt great! Some work to do on pacing during the build-up (had to take a couple of walking breaks) but it felt good to get some speed in!

Wednesday, August 1

3 miles ~ 31:26

The first run of August and my last day of work before vacation! I ran after work and it was so cool, decided to wear a t-shirt which hasn’t happened in a while. Even though I did a tempo workout the day before, my legs still felt awesome.

Thursday, August 2

4 miles ~ 48:20

A trail run was the perfect way to kick off a little vacation! I did a couple of loops of the Glenwood section which is really fun since there’s tons of elevation changes and it’s basically like running through prairies.

Friday, August 3

I got in a quick yoga session focused on stretching out the back since I slept funny and had a sore back. It worked perfectly to help relieve some of the tension since I spent almost three hours driving up to the campground with Vinnie as my backseat driver.

Saturday, August 4

5 miles ~ 52:15

Five mile run at the campground, just a little bit of drizzle this morning. Which is much better than I was expecting it to be since the rain moved through Friday evening instead of all day Saturday.

Sunday, August 5

7 miles ~ 1:15:19

Seven sweaty miles to finish off my running at the campground since it was hot already by the time I got out, luckily I went swimming afterwards too! The one downside of running while camping is that to get over five miles without doing loops of the same route is that you have to run along the road once the sidewalk runs. But at least there’s not a ton of traffic on Sunday mornings and I wasn’t the only one out there exercising.

One more week of summer down and I’m having so much fun between speedwork and trail running. We’ll see how much my running changes once we get into fall and winter (sadly, winter is just around the corner)!

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