Training Tips Tuesday #36: Tracking Cross Training and Using Heart Rate Data

Since I’ve switched from my Polar watch to the Garmin Forerunner, I haven’t been tracking my cross training. It was super easy with the Polar watch (since I could select different training modes besides running right away) but it’s just as easy with my Garmin after I’m done uploading my activities. So, starting this week, I’m trying to record as many of my workout activities as possible.

Of course, I could just manually record sessions but the big reason I want to record my cross-training session is to monitor my heart rate and see when I can push myself harder (especially during spin class) or to notice a pattern where I need to take it easier during my runs. This is going to be especially helpful since I’m not training for a race and this last week especially, I’ve been running harder than in the past. I’m also hopeful this will help me figure out if I could push a little bit harder on runs because my fitness is improving!

As part of this, I’m also activating my 30 day free trial of the Strava Summit Analysis pack to see if it will help me break down this data a little bit easier. I’m especially interested in this because of the relative effort, workout analysis, heart rate analysis and fitness and freshness features.I’m excited to give it a try for the next 30 days and see if it would be helpful to continue paying $2/month for this extra analysis!

Keep a lookout for my review of the Strava Summit Analysis pack in October, until then I’ll be including some extra analysis at the end of my weekly running reports.

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