Running, Eating and Life: What I'm Looking Forward to This Fall

After a week of summer weather coming back, it’s looking like fall is back in Minnesota and hopefully staying! Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons so I’m hoping it stays around for a little bit so I get to enjoy it. And the reason it’s one of my favorite seasons? Let’s dive into what I love about fall.

Fall Running


Yes, I’ve already done a whole post about why I love fall running. In short, ideal running weather, fall colors and running anniversaries! I cannot wait to run on some trails and see how gorgeous they are in the fall.



Even last week, the trees were starting to change colors and I am loving it. Minnesota gets so vibrant and bright in the fall, which makes it so pretty. And it kind of makes up for the shorter days and rainy weather when the trees are so gorgeous. Although when they start to fall off, it’s sad again since I know winter is coming.

Everything Pumpkin/Apple


Fall flavors are some of my favorite things, especially pumpkin and apple. I’ve been on a pumpkin kick with what I’m pumpkin (pumpkin oatmeal and soon to come pumpkin muffins and maybe pumpkin protein bowl) but I’m just waiting for the apple harvest to come in so we get delicious, cheap, local apples. I love Minnesota apples and buying Honeycrisp and SweeTango apples (and hopefully in the next couple of years, First Kiss) is a fall highlight.

Handknit Sweaters


I’ve been waiting all summer to pull out my handknit sweaters again! I even finished a sweater over the summer and pulled it out on the first cool-ish day of September. My handknit sweaters (and socks and shawls and hats) are so comfy and it’s just a confidence boost to be wearing something I’ve made. Plus I’ve got another cardigan I’m excited to be working on!

What are your favorite parts of fall? Let me know in the comments!

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