Weekly Running Report: September 17-23

I had a great week of faster paces this week (well, until after Saturday’s run when I injured my finger...more on that later in this post) so let’s get into it!

Monday, September 17

3.9 miles ~ 34:10 ~ 8:46 min/mile

Apparently I need to run with faster people more often! I had great run starting from Lakes Running Company and around Bde Maka Ska  with my fellow Nuunbassadors and followed it up with some great pizza and conversation after. I was so worn out when I got home but my legs were feeling pretty good.

Tuesday, September 18

Since I ran hard yesterday with my fellow Nuunbassadors, Tuersday was a cross training day! 30 minutes on the stairmaster and a bodyweight hip and glute strength workout followed by a plank finisher.

I'm so motivated to keep on pushing what is comfortable for me running-wise and cross training will help out with that!

Wednesday, September 19

4 miles ~ 35:44 ~ 8:55 min/mile

It was a little wet on this run but the temperature was perfect! Pushed myself a little bit to go faster and it felt pretty good. But I knew for sure my run on Thursday needed to be a little bit slower so I didn’t burn out.

Thursday, September 20

3 miles ~ 29:50 ~ 9:55 min/mile

A nice, easy paced treadmill run because it's been pouring and thunderstorming on and off. 9:55 average pace over 3 miles and that felt nice and easy!

Followed it up with a quick arms and ab session since I only did bodyweight exercises on Tuesday.

Friday, September 21

Rest day and finally the rain stopped! It was much cooler which felt great for walking outside with Vinnie. I also did a short yoga video focused on the core which I’ve done before and I can tell it was easier this time.

Saturday, September 22

5 miles ~ 44:47 ~ 8:57 min/mile

A great feeling pace run this morning! Unfortunately, I ended up cutting my finger on a can and going to urgent care for stitches when I was getting my post-run smoothie ready. Not the plan I had for my weekend to start especially since it meant no long run on Sunday,

Sunday, September 23

I took the day off from running to let my finger heal more before doing a harder workout. So instead, I did 60 minutes on the elliptical and a core workout which felt great!

Weekly Effort Summary from Strava

Even though I had three runs that Strava marked as “tough” for my relative effort, since I didn’t get in a long run I had a weekly effort that meant I was making steady progress and building fitness. If I had gotten in my long run, I’m sure I would have gotten the “above weekly range” I got last week. I know going forward, I won’t be running three runs under a 9 minute average pace so I should continue building my fitness.

Going into this next week, I’ll be slightly modifying my workouts to let my finger continue to heal. Monday will still be a cross-training day but I’ll be doing another bodyweight workout focused on the lower body along with spin class. I’m hoping to be back to running on Tuesday and I’ll be doing that core/upper body workout after Thursday’s run again to get in some upper body strength training.

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