Training Tips Tuesday #38: Three Reasons I Love Bodyweight Strength Training for Runners

Between some extreme soreness and needing stitches on my fingers, I’ve been getting in more bodyweight strength training sessions than I normally do. And it’s making me think about why I love having bodyweight strength training in my back pocket.

Can be done anywhere

There’s no need for me to go to the gym to get in a bodyweight session because I can do it without equipment. Which is sometimes easier than going to LA Fitness when it gets to be crowded and sometimes I don’t get the weights I need (like when there’s only one 15lb dumbbell on the rack). This also makes it easy to get in workouts when traveling, I’ve done a bodyweight training session in a hotel room one Christmas!


Easy to work in a second strength training workout

Strength training is so important to preventing injuries but when your main focus is running, it’s hard to get in the miles you want to along with multiple strength training workouts. I’ve found that  bodyweight workouts are the perfect way to get in a second strength training workout in during my week because it doesn’t tax my muscles as much as one using weights. Plus I can get it in as soon as I’m done with a run!

Easy to modify

With using weights, the way you usually modify a workout if adding or subtracting weights. Which can be more difficult at a gym when you are limited by what’ available. But I’ve found a wider range of bodyweight exercises and ways to modify them without causing injury. One of my favorite ways to modify bodyweight exercises is to do them only on one side at a time, which can be much more difficult to balance when you are using weights/

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