September Faves

Once again another month has sped past! It’s been a crazy September (who would have guessed I would have gotten five stitches?!) but it’s also been a great month. So let’s get into some of my favorites! Don’t forget to share yours in the comments.

Honeycrisp apples

MIke picked up a bag of Honeycrisp apples when grocery shopping last weekend and I’d forgotten how much I love them. Usually we get Pink Lady apples (because Honeycrisps are expensive) but it’s so worth it while they are in season.

Nuunbassador Group

I love being part of the Nuunbassador group and I was able to meet up with the Twin Cities group for a run this month. It’s great meeting up with others to talk running and have fun, plus they push me to run faster than I would on my own!

Running Fast

After running a speedy four miles with the Twin Cities Nuunbassadors, I’ve been really inspired to run faster than I have been and push the edges of what an easy run is! The on and off fall weather is helping with this a lot but I think a lot of this was a mental block.

Pumpkin Everything

I’m in love with everything pumpkin flavored this month. Of course, I have my pumpkin pie oatmeal recipes (both regular and cheesecake) up on the blog and my pumpkin flaxseed muffin recipe. But I’m also enjoying pumpkin pie creamer in my coffee and a pumpkin hot crafted press at knitting group on Wednesdays.


Podcasts get me through the work day and I don’t know how I got through it before them! Mike introduced me to a lot of podcasts I still listen to when we started dating (six years ago!) and I have over 50 that I listen to on a regular basis. Some of my favorites this month have been:

    • The Broadswords

    • Well-Fed Women

    • Girls Gone Wod Podcast

    • Go Fact Yourself

    • Oh No Ross and Carrie

September Faves 2018 Pinterest.jpg