What's my nighttime routine?

Over the summer, I found one thing that was so helpful to helping me wind down and sleep through the night (without having the take melatonin!). And it was simply to establish a nighttime routine, three simple things that I do most nights before bed.


These three things help me take a break from electronics and wind down for the night so I can fall asleep and stay asleep. My anxiety levels have gone down at night so I fall asleep much faster (usually within 15 minutes of settling into bed) and stay asleep (no more waking up at 2 or 3 a.m.). This helps me drag so much less during the day and not be as worried about things that are going on in my life.

So what are the three things in my nighttime routine?

Sleepytime tea

I love my nightly cup of sleepytime tea. Mike usually gets it going at 8 p.m. (when he takes Vinnie out for his last walk before bed) and I spend the next 30 minutes sipping on it and watching TV. This helps me take a break from my phone and helps me relax.


Right before we head to bed, usually by 9 p.m. because I cannot stay up that late anymore, I spend five or ten minutes meditating. I get so calm (and sleepy) afterwards and my mind is cleared. Check out my post from last week on what benefits I’ve seen from meditation.

Bedtime podcast

Mike and I have always fallen asleep listening to old podcast episodes. Neither of us falls asleep easily without having some sort of background noise so we just put on a podcast and set the sleep timer so it turns off after 30 minutes. And usually, I’m out pretty quickly!

Do you have a bedtime routine?  Share what yours is in the comments!

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