Weekly Running Report: August 27-September 2

We’ve finished off another month in 2018 and are starting to head towards fall! However, my first two runs of September didn’t feel very fall-ish. Let’s get into it!

Monday, August 27

Last day of the #runnersloveyogalegs18 challenge which meant a full flow to do! I did this between weights and spin class, a perfect transition between the two.

Tuesday, August 28

3.2 miles ~ 30:25

Back to a weekday morning run since Mike and I took the day off to go to the State Fair. I had a great tempo run (the weather was just perfect) and then we got lots of walking and eating done. Altogether, I had almost 30,000 steps by the end of the day and only 8,000 from my run.

Wednesday, August 29

3 miles ~31:52

A nice, easy run after work. Started off a little iffy feeling but got better once my body got more warmed up.

Thursday, August 30

2 miles ~ 21:14


Just a rough run with a TMI warning. I've been off of hormonal birth control since my marathon in May. Before this, I've never run without being on hormonal birth control. I haven't had too many bad runs since going off of birth control  but today was one of them. My period is probably starting tomorrow and I'm worn out mentally and physically. It just wasn't feeling good to run today. My form felt sloppy and by the end I felt like I was sloughing through it.

Friday, August 31


A nice, easy rest day to just let my body recover some. I did a longer yoga video and Vinnie got in plenty of walks with me so I could still hit my step goal. I had taken the day off of work and it felt amazing to have a day just to relax since we were heading into a busy holiday weekend.

Saturday, September 1

4 miles ~36:34

Nice, quick run this morning thanks to the Hamilton soundtrack. I went faster than I was planning on so I cut the run a mile short. Plus, we went and saw Hamilton for the first time (it finally came to the Twin Cities) and it was AMAZING!

Sunday, September 2

8 miles ~ 1:26:10


Great feeling run this morning, which I wasn’t expecting after the steak, wine and cheesecake dinner the night before! Thought I could get it in before the rain but it started downpouring with less than 0.10 of a mile to go. After having a rough run on Thursday, it felt great to knock out two great runs in a row.


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